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Abstract Title Services

Each time you buy or sell property, you will have to perform a title transfer. This situation also applies to those in marriage or a divorce as well as gift real estate in order to change the title of ownership on the property. Different paperwork is filed for each situation, but should end up with the same result. Getting a licensed notary service to handle all your abstract title services is essential for guaranteeing results.

Our mobile notary specializes in handling real estate title research services in during a sale or transfer of property as well as foreclosures. We take a fine toothed comb to all documents to ensure that everything is completed exactly how it should be. We do our best to ensure that all parties are able to understand the nature and implications of each documents so that these title transfers happen without incident.

For more information on all of our property title searching services, contact LS Abstracting Services LLC in Endicott, NY today. We can help make the real estate process easy.